We know what it’s like.


There are so many specific travel needs required for the observant Jew on vacation. At Reserve Kosher, we know the hassle when there's no one there to ensure that these requirements are met.


Been there, done that. ReserveKosher was founded by people who experienced the lack of kosher amenities. By booking your travel stays with Reserve Kosher, your unique travel needs will be understood and fulfilled in a complete and efficient manner.


We'll change the way you feel about travel. Let us take care of your itinerary. We can ensure that you have access to all the amenities and services you need anywhere you may go. Now, you can finally enjoy your vacation without having to worry about issues like Kosher Food, Shabbos, Mikvah, a Shul, and other necessities. Rest assured, you can have the ideal travel experience while enjoying your trip the ReserveKosher way!


And it's all free. Unlike commission-based travel sites, there is no broker fee paid to ReserveKosher. We work as a listing directory for a flat annual fee to the homeowners. We are on your side. Use our services to rent a vacation apartment, kosher cruise, or hotel getaway and leave all of your usual travel concerns behind. No more headaches, no more hassle… just a complete kosher travel package like you’ve never seen before.



Dear Kosher Travelers,




I'm often asked "what made you found this unique site resource?"


The answer is simpler then people usually expect it to be. The impetus for this site, simply put, is that "I needed a site like this for myself, and couldn't find one. It was very frustrating to travel "in the dark" so to speak... and after coming across other, like minded travelers who travel for business or pleasure and were encountering the same frustrations that I had, I realized that I need to create the resource that I wish existed. And now, you and countless others are enjoying it!


It was a truly gratifying experience.


We are constantly working on updating the site to bring you the largest, most up to date section of kosher travel opportunities worldwide.


You can count on ReserveKosher to smooth out the travel kinks and present you with a solid itinerary, with your questions answered, no agent fees, and speaking directly to the owner, who knows his apartment and neighborhood amenities well. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and we live up to our hard earned reputation. Once you experience what we have to offer, we know you’ll be a client for a long time to come.


All of our listings are thoroughly checked and verified before being posted on Reservekosher.com. Contact information is available for each listing. Our goal is to enable you to enjoy traveling as an observant Jew, no matter where you may be headed or what your special circumstances are. Knowing that I can make all of this possible is rewarding, so that you too can finally have a real vacation... in a kosher way!


Bon Voyage!     


Yakov Shisha      
and the ReserveKosher Team