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Atlantic City New Jersey
Whether it for business or just a fun vacation, Atlantic City is better than ever. Casinos, Spas, Nightlife, Ocean, World class entertainment, Board walk, Golf,  Fishing, Water Sports and Shopping. Any way you look at it, Atlantic City guarantees a whole bunch of excitement and non stop activities.Atlantic city kosher vacation

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Honolulu, Hawaii
Paradise. There is perhaps no other city on the planet to which the word "paradise" accurately can be used as a description, Honolulu truly is paradise on earth.

One of the most compelling features of Honolulu is its climate. all year around, the average high temperature in Honolulu is in the mid-80s, go visit Honolulu!!

Honolulu, Hawaii kosher vacation

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Las Vegas Nevada

No other place like Las Vegas, people from around the globe are coming to Vegas every day, Whether its to attend a business show or just a fun vacation in Las Vegas you'll never be bored. Shows, casinos, spectacular hotels  and nightlife its just amazing. Las Vegas also has kosher restaurants and plenty activities to the kosher Jewish visitor.Las Vegas Kosher vacation

- Smith's Kosher Experience 2211 N. Rampart Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89128, Phone: (702) 256-5200 -

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Miami Beach & North Miami Beach FL

Miami - Mi oh Mi - the ultimate in kosher vacation, world famous for its breathtaking beaches and fine climate with plenty glatt kosher restaurants to choose from and shuls all around. A kosher vacation in Miami beach is something you must take.Kosher vacation in Miami Beach



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Newport Rhode Island

Newport RI, besides being an amazingly beautiful city surrounded by the breath taking Atlantic ocean and home to  the famed Gilded Age mansions that once were the summer homes for socialite families with names like Astor and Vanderbilt its also home to the oldest synagogue in the USA and has a very rich Jewish history.Newport RI kosher vacation

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